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The Gaffney Eye Clinic keeps up to date on the latest technology available to make sure you get the best care for your eyes.

  • A camera used to photo document the retina. We use this to monitor changes in the retina associated with diabetes, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and many other retinal conditions and diseases.

  • A unique test that allows us to measure tear osmolarity, or inflammation, helping us to better diagnose the cause of your dry eye disease. We are one of only a few doctors in the state of Florida to offer this test.

  • This genetic test allows us to determine your risk of progression from Dry AMD to Wet AMD (the visually devastating type of AMD).  A simple swab of the inside of your cheek provides us with enough DNA to determine your risk of progression. We are one of only a few doctors in the state of Florida to offer this test.

  • This device scans the retina, optic nerve and cornea with 5 microns of resolution. This machine allows us to better diagnose glaucoma, AMD, diabetic macular edema, corneal anomalies and anterior segment angle anomalies.

  • This machine provides us with data and views of the corneal endothelial layer to help better diagnose and manage dystrophies of this layer of the cornea.

  • Utilizing a proprietary, non-Hartmann-Shack technology, the Z-View Aberrometer quickly and accurately measures 2nd - 6th order aberrations of the eye based on 17,000 points of resolution across a 7mm pupil. In approximately one minute, the Z-View arrives at a customized prescription.

  • A machine used to measure your peripheral vision, as well as your central and superior visual fields. Used mainly as a tool in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma, this device can help in the diagnosis and management of many retinal, optic nerve and neurological conditions.

  • This device provides us with the technology to give you the most precisely fit pair of glasses. By tracking your eye's natural position and eye movements, this device provides the most accurate fit possible.