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Quick and quality eye exams, amazing service, and a beautiful office!

- Kathlyn V.

I came in with very specific needs and they were able to meet my request. They have definitely earned me as a customer in the future.

- Rebekah F.

I have to say out of ALL and I do mean ALL eye docs/eye exam places in the general area-and there are about 5 other places, THIS is the ONLY place to go if you want the very, VERY best care for your eyes. For whatever reason I STRUGGLED with getting the RIGHT RX for my eyes, I have been to almost every other place in town wanting to save money and ultimately wasting it. YES, the prices here for an exam and glasses are higher. YES they can be a bit stuck up if you come in looking like a redneck rather than someone with money. They ONLY sell high pretty much high dollar/designer frames and if you are poor, well, I will honestly say you can expect poorer service. BUT, they will work with you on a budget too, but you sort of are made to feel bad if you cannot get the high dollar lenses and frames that you really want and the person next to you who is getting that is being fawned over. If you come in dressed to the 9's looking like you have money to part with easily you will be PAMPERED in the frames and fitting dept. Put at a desk, chatted with, catered too. If you look poor, well, its here you go goodbye-my glasses were handed to me on a waiting room chair, (they were put ON the waiting room chair where 100 hinnys had sat though there were open desks in the fitting area-that's just, ugh.). That's rather non classy for a classy place. That being said, the office staff is still all very nice and the doctor is SUPERB. Dr. Gaffney himself. He has a very intelligent, gentle nature, they are VERY thorough in their exams and you WILL walk out the door with usually a PERFECT RIGHT ON prescription for your eyes needs. When one is a writer, an artist, or just wants to SEE life clearly, they will get your eye needs met perfectly and if there is a hiccup, will work with you and your prescription to get it right, and the hiccups are usually small-I am a return customer. The office is always very nice, clean and well kept and is a nice environment and has a relaxed yet classy feel to it. But there is that feeling of treatment in the fitting and frames department of pocketbook size is directly relative to the service you will receive-this goes for the buying your glasses department, NOT for the treatment you receive from the Doctor or the staff. They are, with few exceptions, 5 stars. Please don't give people their glasses from waiting room chairs-I mean setting the glasses ON the waiting room chairs. Bleh, ick. KOOTIES! lol Still a great place, just skip all the rest of the wanna be eye places in and near town, they cannot even hold a candle to Dr. Gaffney!

- Thinking T.